Road Haulage

See the type of haulage we can offer throughout Scotland below

We are able to offer some haulage work with our lorry and trailer combination when it is not in use for our own work.  This combination essentially does the work of two rigid lorries whilst being almost as manoeuvrable.  Our 6 wheel tipper lorry is capable of carrying a load of 15 tonnes and the triaxle plant trailer a load of 19 tonnes with a maximum combined load of 27 tonnes.  

We can load plant directly into the back of the lorry from the trailer or carry quarried material on the lorry and plant on the trailer.  We find this is the ideal combination for carrying both a digger and a dumper to site, although all types of plant can be moved up to a maximum of 19 tonnes. 

We also have a dual axle tipping trailer for the lorry which allows us to carry up to 25 tons of quarried material or gravel between the lorry and trailer.  This is an ideal situation for long hauls from the quarry allowing an extra 5 ton payload over the standard 8 wheel tipper whilst being just as manoeuvrable. 


If you would like us to quote for some haulage whether it be plant, gravel or quarry materials don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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